Update Blog 47

Okay, monthly update again, several month I kinda lazy to write changelog updates in this blog, so here we are several updates form previous post until now :
– Added manga Kotaro Makaritorou
– Added manga Detectif Kindaichi In Indonesian Language
– Added manga Rave Master
– Added Daa! Daa! Daa! / UFO Baby
– Updated Ruler of The Land chapter 478 – 481
– Updated Tekken Chinmi Legends RAW Chapters 100 – 102
– Updated Accel World chapter 26 -27
– Updated Accel World Dural – Magisa Garden Chapter 16
– Updated Unbreakable Machine-Doll Chapter 44 – 45
– Updated New Legenda Naga / Ryuuroden RAW chapter 252 – 253
– Updated Vagabond chapter 327
– Updated Detective Conan Chapter 921 – 924
– Updated Shanao Yoshitsune Genpei Wars Volume 25 – 26
– Updated Sword Art Online Progressive RAW Chapter 15 -17
– Updated Wild Life RAW Volume 17 – 27

– Added Zuan Shi Tang from Elva Hsiao
– Added Shalala Lala from Vengaboys
– Added Kiss (When The Sun Don’t Shine) – Vengaboys
– Added Bersorak Sorai from True Worshipper
– Added So Good To Me from Hillsong Kids
– Added Allah Yang Setia from Natashia Nikita

I Hope you like it.. 🙂


24 thoughts on “Update Blog 47

  1. hey dude i really appriciate the claymore and bleach manga that you added i was the one that suggested it i was wondering if you could add the short manga story of yu yu hakusho or nanatsu no taizai now that it doesnt have alot of volumes maybe also some fairy tail as well?? also theres a very short story of 5 volumes of – Blood + –

    • I have Yuyu Hakusho, I will added if I have much time, this month I’m very busy with my work so I only have little time to update my blog. I didn’t know manga blood and nanatsu no taizai, so I didn’t collect it. For now, maybe I can’t share fairy tail. Maybe if I have good mood and have much time I will reconsider to share it.. 🙂

      • Sure man well Blood + its very awesome and im my opionion nanatsu no taizai its around the same level with bleach and naruto but take your time man i hope that when you have time you upload them 🙂 thank you by the way the bleach and claymore manga were awesome uploads man they worked perfectly

  2. Volume 70 Latest Chapter 644 its supposed to be the whole volume right ? not only the chapter 644 because its 40 mb but i read a few more others than that and about half of the volume or so they start to appear in italian man.. i wonder if you could do something about it ???

  3. Wondering if you have Dragon Pigmario?
    This is a very nice collection, I’m so happy I can find my old chilhood story also the new one here. Thanks!

  4. Oh, sorry for the double post. Forgot to ask another title, in any case, do you have In a Distant Time also? Or it’s called Haruka Naru Toki no Naka De in Japanese.

  5. syalom…..
    i wonder if you have manga History’s Strongest Disciple Kenichi?
    it would be awesome if you have that manga.
    GBU brother..

  6. Sir…. I m from India and regularly download manga from your site… I am really a fan of your work… Sir, can you please add one piece to your collection please… I along with my friends would eagerly be waiting for this….. THANK YOU A LOT FOR YOUR HARD WORK SIR…..

  7. Sir please add one piece….. Have enjoyed many of your works like claymore, assassination classroom, rave master, dragon Ball…. And many more… Eagerly waiting for One Piece… THANKS


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