Update Blog 46

Okay, monthly post update again, from my previous post until now I have added and updated my music and manga. In music section I have added English songlist’s with Take Me To Your Heart & Sleeping Child from Michael Learns to Rock (MLTR), I have added Gospel songlist’s too with Yesus Kekuatan & Hatiku Percaya from True Worshipper also Shout To The Lord & You Are My All In All from Hillsong. In manga section I have added Fullmetal Alchemist, Märchen Awakens Romance and Ruler of The Land (until chapter 477 In Indonesian Language). I also have updated existing manga such as RAW Chinese language chapter 250-251 New Legenda Naga/Ryuuroden, RAW Vietnam language chapter 99 Tekken Chinmi Legends, chapter 920 Detective Conan in Indonesian Language, chapter 22-25 Accel World, chapter 15 Accel World Dural-Magisa Garden and chapter 144-146 Wild Life. I hope you like it.. 😉


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