Update Blog 45

Time to update again.. 🙂

Today I have updated my manga and music section. From music section I have added old song from Jason Donovan, Any Dream Will Do, ending theme song anime Log Horizon, Your Song* from Yun*Chi and ending theme song anime Log Horizon II, Wonderful Wonder World* from Yun*Chi again. In manga section I have updated latest chapter 142-143 from Wild Life, chapter 918-919 Detective Conan in Indonesian Language, chapter 13 Accel World Dural-Magisa Garden and added manga Naruto. I hope you like it.. 😉


7 thoughts on “Update Blog 45

    • Wow, you know that parralel version too?? XD
      Yes, I have that version, it’s short story had 2 volumes (9 chapters) completed, but the mangascan quality is not very good, also only chapter 1 – chapter 5 translated in English language, chapter 6 – chapter 9 is RAW manga in Japanese language. I you really want it, I will added in my blog.. 🙂

      • Well quality isn’t my biggest issue when I really love that something and I loved Ruroken from the moment i saw the anime 12 years ago!And after all this years I finally found the Manga and it’s a blast!I have lots of fond memory when it’s come to Ruroken!
        But sadly I don’t know Japanese language,I know a few;namely Bangla(My native lingo),Hindi,Of course English and a little Spanish.I learned English so that I can read Harry Potter and understand properly.
        Now I think I should learn Japanese to read Ruroken in it’s full glory!Yes I’ll learn it but that’s gonna take at least this year!But if you come across it anywhere with better quality and in English post a comment in your Ruroken section,I’ve bookmarked the page in my default browser.
        Thank you for your help when I was searching desperately!Till I can read Japanese,my friend!
        Arigato and Sayonara!

      • Yup, I’m also Ruroken fans ^_^, I have search and collected all ruroken series from manga and anime, I almost have all of them except spin-off manga Master of Flame. Same as you, English is not my native language too, I am Indonesian and maybe you can see several of my manga list using my native language ^_^. I was interested to learn japanese language, but most of my time is confiscated for work so for now maybe I just see the picture and guessing the story in raw manga.. 😀
        And now I had added spin-off Restoration/tokuhitsuban in my blog, until now I still didn’t find good quality manga scan & english language for this tokuhitsuban series. You can check if you want it.. 😉

    • I’m so sorry, this manga is very old and I didn’t have this manga. Scanlation manga also dropped this manga, so I didn’t find any completed volume/chapter/series for this manga to shared in my blog.. 🙂


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